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The decision to “blog”

I like to skim magazines, but seldom do I really read them cover to cover, even if I am trapped on a long flight. However, I recently picked up a copy of Inc. magazine and really enjoyed reading all the stories of startups and first-hand accounts about things that worked and didn’t work. It got me to thinking I’ve got some pretty good stories to share. I try to keep pretty busy, but I’m anticipating this will be more fun than work and knocking out a story a week will be a pretty minor challenge.

I started making a list of experiences that might be significant based on jobs I’ve had and products I’ve created and was happy with the length of the list. When I went back and dug up all  the papers and books I’d written to generate a bit of a portfolio at I definitely enjoyed recalling the details of those experiences. During my eight-year career with the Navy I got to see a lot, especially having spent the last four of those years stationed at the White House. I then worked as a government contractor specializing in desktop management and during that time created, which was something that eventually got me several writing and speaking gigs (eventually AppDeploy would evolve to become my full time job). Between AppDeploy and my writing jobs I created my own company RWK Systems and another software company iTripoli, with my good friend Steve. I’ve tried several things along the way, some have worked well and others not so well.

At any rate, I ‘ve decided to record my stories here. If nothing else, I’m thinking a retrospective may help me see things better through the magnifying glass that comes out when attempting to document past events. And hopefully some of what spills out here will be something you may find interesting, educational or entertaining.

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Posted by on August 20, 2011 in General